A crazy text generator is an online tool designed by Texthubb which is available to anyone. Crazy text generator converts your ordinary text into divergent font styles that one can use on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and like these platforms. Most have a fishy perception that crazy text is just a crazy font message. But in this article, it is an extraordinary font style.

Crazy text generator is one the best tool to generate crazy fonts

Social media has become an essential part of our lives; everyone wants to gain attention from the audience on these platforms to become more favorable. Crazy font generator is here to help you immensely, using crazy fonts on these social media platforms. These particular fonts will change your standard message into a more eye-catching style and undoubtedly add value to your message. One can use many generators to gain attention on social media, like Facebook font generator and Snapchat font generator

Benefits Of Crazy Text Generator

There are a lot more uses and advantages of crazy text generators. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of how crazy font generator benefits us.

For Teachers: If you are a teacher and want a better engagement with your students through lessons or presentations, then you must use these particular font styles in it, and you will see the magic that how your students are taking a keen interest in your class.

For Bloggers: If you are new to blogging or an old blogger and your blog didn’t get much viewership as you expected, then I am pretty sure after using a crazy letter generator, you will see magical results in a couple of days. Using such specific letters, you will grab a much more audience.

How Can One Use Crazy Text Generator On Social Media?

In this era, we can’t imagine our lives without social media. We all have accounts on these platforms, yet we have failed to gain the attention of friends, fellows, and followers. It’s all because we are doing a common mistakes again and again. We are using the by-default font styles that are not eye-catching. Now the time is over; this time, whenever you post something on any social platform, use a crazy font generator to convert the message into an astonishing look. For now, your Instagram bio, Facebook profile, Pinterest pin, and Twitter tweet will be pretty divergent and grab more audience

crazy text can be used anywhere on social media

How To Use Crazy Font Generator?

If you think I am new to this website, how could I get my desired results instantly? Be calm no matter if you visit our website for the first time. We have fixed up this prestigious tool so that any person of any age group can get its results in a few seconds. You need to follow the below steps, and that’s all.

Copy or rewrite your text

Writing or pasting the font generator will convert it into different font styles.

Chose the font style that you like the most 

Click on your favorite one, and it automatically copies to your system.

Paste it anywhere you want.


No, this website didn’t have such a sign-up or registration interface. You can get your desired results without revealing your personal information

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